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Oasis machinery is our after many years of hard work and scientific research personnel,Set at home and abroad advanced food processing technology and the advantage of drying technology。Efficient、Energy saving、Environmental protection is our development、The direction of the development of new products and purpose。Products are widely quoted in tea、Traditional Chinese medicine、Fry、Aquatic products、Chemical and other agricultural and sideline products processing, etc,With a quick dehydration、High output,To facilitate the biochemical production,After drying section shape well、The color green。Various dryer heating way,To match with wood、Coal、Fuel efficient hot-blast stove series、Steam heat exchanger for the user to choose from。
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Main production drying equipment,The tea machinery,Food machinery, etc
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Drying equipment and material corrosion
Drying machine processing materials is difficult to count,In addition to the various physical and chemical properties of the material and the requirement of the product,Drying thermal physical properties of the material and material on the drying system in the process of heating equipment...
Warmly celebrate the success of the site
Warmly celebrate the success of the site
Desiccant dryer
1、Stability provides the most appropriate for drying-40℃─-50℃The dew point。2、Adopt double layer stainless steel tank insulation save electricity,Clean easily。3、The closed loop control to reduce heat and dust emissions...
Components enterprise how to establish the competitive advantage
Do big enterprise,Only means into big,In the asset、Scale or sales revenue and market share ranking in the top。The enterprise,Means that the performance is competitive and the growth ability...
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