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  • Dingcheng industrial and mining equipment
  • Dingcheng industrial and mining equipment
  • Dingcheng industrial and mining equipment
The statement:Dear customers,Because my company has a certain influence in the industry e-commerce and popularity,In order to prevent individual criminals posing as my company sales staff for fraud,Please look for when you do with my company brought to account(Account name:Jining dingcheng industrial and mining equipment co., LTD)Card number or sales general manager(Account name:Li gang)。My company solemnly promise!1.We sell the products,In case of major failures,Or the customer can't solve the problem,We promise48Send someone to the scene to solve within hours!2.Our products are quality assurance1Years of above,The warranty period,We can provide completely free
Jining dingcheng industrial and mining equipment co., LTD
Jining dingcheng industrial and mining equipment co., LTD(The original jining dingcheng mining machinery factory),Our company is specialized in small engineering machinery、Metal processing equipment and mine construction equipment production and sales,Products listed is supported by the masses of users and favor,Is many buyers better choice,Now products have been sold throughout the country and southeast Asia,To allow the user to reduce the cost,To offer the high quality and low price products to customers。Company products are widely used in coal,The oil,Metallurgy,Electric power,Chemical industry,Construction and other industries,With excellent product quality,Enthusiastic after-sale service,Reasonable sales price,To win the user's trust and praise。Companies adhering to the“To provide convenient service to our customers,Create opportunities for employees”The management idea“Continuous improvement,Enjoy success”The spirit of enterprise。Warmly welcome new and old friends from all walks of life both at home and abroad to negotiate trade,Create a great cause,Create brilliant……
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The basic component of small construction machinery

Walking roller working condition:
1、Municipal road maintenance in fill construction of cement stabilized layer of the hierarchical compaction;Groove hole edge,The corners of the compaction of asphalt concrete。
2、Pipe culvert in highway construction,Channel,When the abutment structure such as backfill,Large working area of the compaction roller did not work

The use of the tube plate groove equipment matters need attention

Before use to check whether they are of good electric insulation,Grounding is reliable,When used,Insulating gloves should be worn,Wear shoes with insulation,Or pad insulation pad;Check whether there is any abnormal on rotating parts before cutting,Lubrication are in good condition,And car test,Before cutting......

How to use and maintenance of small roller

After the engineering machinery factory,General provisions60Hour period(Some called the running-in period),This is production on the basis of engineering machinery factory use early skill features and rules。Period is to ensure that the engineering machine run properly,Failure rate......

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