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About us

About us
Dali east xin real estate development co., LTD., the development of the gold is•Silver burn chong real estate projects,The national famous historical and cultural city is located in the set、State-level scenic spots、International nature reserve、Dali eastern new town of national excellent tourism city。Project is adjacent to the new administrative center,In the center of the new town,The leading field of Dali city dream first。Dali associated,Shallow hill belt is located in the east of erhai lake,Near to erhai lake、A distance framed,With a unique coastal mountain landscape resources;In the region“Mountain、The sea、Bay、Island、Wetlands”The diversification of formed a perfect human habitat,While PingBa、The hills、Mountains and white、Hold the mountain ring of water terrain structure has created”Fly...
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Address:Dali associated xincheng gold block 2 plot
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The ground The address:Dali associated xincheng gold block 2 plot
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