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Changsha indoor air monitoring--Golden cradle kindergarten
Changsha removal of formaldehyde--Science educationChangsha in addition to formaldehyde--Wanda plazaCAreaChangsha formaldehyde governance-Province cultural department
Industrial and commercial bank--In addition to formaldehydeChangsha is decorated in addition to formaldehyde--Red oak international

On the east grainAbout us

Changsha east grain environmental protection technology co., LTD

Changsha east grain environmental protection technology co., LTD is approved by the ministry of commerce and industry,The specialty is engaged in the indoor air testing、Indoor air pollution、Decorate in addition to the peculiar smell、New car smell、Environmental protection product research and development、Production、Environmental protection technology consulting as one of the high-tech environmental protection team。
Changsha grain environmental protection technology co., LTD, adhering to the east:“The quality of high quality、The service is supreme、The good faith cooperation、Steady progress”The service idea,To give the people environmental protection、Health、Comfortable working、The living environment;In line with to improve the environment for human respiratory health life,In order to protect the people and family around me healthy body for the mission,The formaldehyde can let the human cancer at any time、Benzene、TVOCAnd so on,The mold easily trigger inflammation、The virus........

Green schoolNews

What is the best plant in addition to formaldehyde effect?

What is the best plant in addition to formaldehyde effect?

Choose according to indoor environment pollution targeted plants。Some plants, for some kind of harmful material has certain adsorption......[+More and more]

Indoor formaldehyde standard

When the formaldehyde to per cubic meter of air0.06-0.07mg/m3At the right time,Mild asthma children will occur。When each ......[+More and more]

The harm of formaldehyde on human body

Formaldehyde is high toxic substances,Toxic chemicals in our country priority control formaldehyde ranked second on the list。Armor ......[+More and more]

How long after decorating bridal chamber can be checked in?

After the new house decoration, how long can not simply look at the length,If indoor air testing standards,Then,Just ......[+More and more]

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Formaldehyde poisoning symptoms?
What is formaldehyde poisoning symptoms?Formaldehyde is a colorless......[+More and more]
The harm of formaldehyde in pregnant women?
What are formaldehyde harm to pregnant women?Formaldehyde is high poison......[+More and more]
The most effective way to bridal chamber in addition to formaldehyde
Whether new home decoration,Or to buy new furniture、The new steam......[+More and more]
Changsha formaldehyde detection--Environmental protection material
Environmental protection furniture and decoration also formaldehyde testing needs to be done。......[+More and more]
Formaldehyde governance after the restaurant can rest assured
After formaldehyde governance can rest assured of the main dining room,In this case......[+More and more]
Changsha formaldehyde detection error?
Most of the people you want to do formaldehyde to detect the bridal chamber......[+More and more]