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    Haiyang city benevolence, science and technology co., LTD., is both institutions of higher learning、Experts in scientific research institutions、Professor and a group of graduated from different s,Different work of college students invested a high-tech joint-stock private enterprise,It was the first joint-stock in haiyang city science and technology company。Company sets scientific research、Production、Sales、Technical services in one。   
    The company sets aquaculture experimental base in two places,Have their own animal nutrition research。“Yi”Brand is the company's feed nutrition experts at home and abroad in recent years are summarized based on absorbing the advanced technology,Combining with the characteristics of our province around the breeding,By computer optimization screening,Condensation of trial and error,Now in livestock and poultry series premix、Concentrates、The full price is expected to more than 60 varieties,And according to user needs to provide the most at any time
The new formula and feed processing technology、Livestock and poultry breeding、Disease diagnosis
Fault and other technical services。
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