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Refuse to do the college entrance examination“Working poor”
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Suzhou tong computed.in road campus:400-658-6609Turn 555Suzhou city east campus400-658-6609 Turn 666
Wuxi city campus:400-658-6609 Turn 888 Wuxi east pavilion campus:400-658-6609 Turn 668
Changshu jinshajiang road campus:
400-658-6609 Turn 688
Kunshan: 400-658-6609 Turn 699 Zhangjiagang center of campus400-658-6609 Turn 988
Hefei campus: 400-658-6609 Turn 886 Zhangjiagang flagship campus 400-809-2616 Turn 666
Suzhou high school district400-809-2616 Turn 999 Changshu dimness campus 400-809-2616 Turn 888
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Suzhou tong computed.in road campus
 The phone:0512-69155073 Address:Suzhou gusu ganjiang road966Number。
Suzhou high school district
 The phone:0512-89170528 Address:Suzhou high-tech zone lion mountain road35Kim international building, third floor(The lion mountain and riverside road interchange,The subway1Line riverside road2No walking946M)。
Suzhou city east campus
 The phone:0512-62863062Address:Suzhou gusu area ganjiang road east599East LingDaSha1Floor。
Wuxi city campus
 The phone:0510-82701439 Address:Chong 'an district people's road220Building wealth22Make big education
Wuxi east pavilion campus
 The phone:0510-88227556 Address:Xishan district tin road in Shanghai9Number1Floor-4Floor(Tin Shanghai across the road and youyi road intersection is easy to buy)。
Changshu jinshajiang road campus
 The phone:0512-52003151 Address:Changshu jinshajiang road11In the square3Floor316-317Room(The danger north jinshajiang road intersection,Day Ming international hotel residence)
Changshu dimness campus
 The phone:0512-52001050 Address:Changshu dimness22HSBC's times square1Building22Floor2207(Passenger station north)
Zhangjiagang flagship campus
 The phone:0512-58988158 Address:Zhangjiagang city yangshe town bar west road46Number(Zhangjiagang park opposite the north gate)
Zhangjiagang center of campus
 The phone:0512-58998106 Address:Zhangjiagang city changan road3Number,Huachang hotel(Huachang building)The second floor(Telecom building next to the platform)
 The phone:0512-50133531 Address:Kunshan city route twisk villa park407Number(Forward intersection ChengFeng shang yuan north road route twisk villa30M)
Hefei campus
 The phone:0551-65181953 Address:Luyang district in hefei Yangtze river middle road168China merchants tower18Floor
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 Teng big education stations across the country : Suzhou campus | Wuxi district |Changshu campus | Hefei campus | Zhangjiagang campus | Kunshan 
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