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01Good quality,Quick service,Higher cost performance

With perfect r&d laboratory equipment and advanced production equipment

  • Provide a more forward-looking solutions,Meet the needs of enterprise scalability
  • The quality strives for perfection,Design more human,Services more convenient
  • Cooperation with many famous enterprises,More professional service,After more perfect,More timely delivery
02Four friends mechanical equipment,Excellent product quality

Our company supply adequate,Its homegrown dust-free spray paint room、Mill-And so on

  • A professional dust-free spray paint room、A mill is a body comprehensive environmental protection new technology enterprise
  • To introduce the advanced environmental control technology at home and abroad,Improve the engineering process,Improve the design ability,Optimization of engineering cost,Adhere to specific process design and equipment manufacturing
03Professional team,Provide the overall solution

Company employees are through strict training mount guard

  • The company has a strong sales team and experienced production team,To ensure quality
  • Company's elite team to training within the company strictly tested to mount guard
  • Ensure engineering quality、Improve treatment effect、Reduce the operating cost of technology
04Perfect service system,Let you look easy

30Days after sales customer service return visit to solve after-sales problem

  • Commitment to the customer to provide unlimited technical formula to upgrade services
  • After sales customer service30Days return,Eliminate all after-sales problem for the agent
  • The company to accumulate experience,From design to after-sales service,Four friends escorted all the way for you

Dust-free spray paint room、Mill、Bottom oil、Environmental protection equipment、Carpenter's central dust collection system

Any requirements of the clients

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Four friends in dongguan machinery equipment co., LTD

Enterprise benefit maximization is our pursuit

Four friends in dongguan machinery equipment co., LTD

Dongguan Four Frlends machlnery Co,. Ltd

Four friends in dongguan machinery equipment co., LTD. Is a great growth potential of the company,Is a professional for household(Wood products)Manufacturing enterprise service company。The company set up over the years,Companies adhering to the professional、Focus、Concentrate on the spirit of enterprise,The comprehensive for customers all over the country、With all my heart、Full service。
According to the company's consistent efforts,Now client has throughout sichuan province、Guangdong、Shanghai、Zhejiang,Shandong,Beijing and other places,Also exported to Malaysia and Australia and other countries,At the same time also won the praise and trust of customers!It is with the customer,Just had four friends company's glorious history,Four friends, have a more brilliant tomorrow!We agree:Have your trust,We will do better!With our comprehensive、With all my heart、Full service,Will make your business more brilliant and glory!...

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Witness the customers in the industry

Customer case

  • High quality after-sales service
    High quality after-sales service
    Since the cooperation,Trials and hardships,I witnessed an enterprise growing up、Process from weak to strong。Over the years,Their company with excellent quality and good after-sales service won us the recognition and trust of customers,And superior business model and management methods,On the other hand is to let I admire。...
  • A trustworthy brand
    A trustworthy brand
    Partner for many years,So many years business relations let us more tacit understanding,No matter how urgent of goods to,They always work overtime will not delay delivery time,They fought tenaciously、Hardworking and enterprising spirit deeply attracted me,Is a trustworthy brand,Deserves to be recommended for more enterprises!
  • Good faith for this,In the letter
    Good faith for this,In the letter
    Always inherit and carry forward“Good faith for this,In the letter”The essence of business,To provide customers with the perfect pre-sale、Sales and after-sales service,Won the broad market reputation and good reputation,Therefore stand out in this line。They with their enthusiasm、Responsibility and focus,As well as the excellent product quality...
  • Products of good quality
    Products of good quality
    In this industry,Is in the heart to do products,Their product is quite good,To fully cooperate with our requirements,Greatly improve the quality of the products,As a consumer,This is what we are looking for suppliers for a long time。
  • Dynamic company
Dongguan dust-free spray-paint room how to maintenanceDongguan dust-free spray-paint room how to maintenance

In our life,Often see products need to spray paint。Painting has two benefits,It is beautiful sex。Now people aesthetic vision to continuously improve,Products should not be the same color,Need to spray a different color。Another point is to extend the life of the product,Outside many factors will cause corrosion products,So the product surface spray coating。Traditional way of painting is the outdoor spray paint,The outside world can affect the quality of painting more,Consumers about the quality of the coating is very dissatisfied。... [Detailed content]

  • Industry information

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  • Q Introduction to furniture dust-free spray paint room use

    AnswerDust-free spray paint room(Spray paint room)In the basis of dry type combined with environmental protection spray paint room,To add a set of air purification system。- Furniture dust-free spray paint room  Cleanliness is an important index to measure the quality of spraying curing barn,The index by the air purification system guarantee。Dust-free spray paint room(Spray paint room)In the dry and environmental protection…

  • Q Powder spraying equipment is essential to the tools used electrostatic powder coating

    AnswerBefore processing equipment including skim(In addition to the oil)、Rust removal、Phosphating three parts。Phosphating is key link,In addition to the oil and rust removal was prepared before phosphating process,So in the pre-treatment equipment production practice,Both the phosphating work as a key,And according to the requirement of the phosphating quality,Pay special attention to the oil removal and cleaning work,In particular…

  • Q Six major fields of environmental protection equipment development

    Answer1、Water pollution prevention and control of equipment,Encourage products focused on biochemical waste water、Containing heavy metal ion wastewater treatment,Sludge treatment and utilization, and is directly related to human health and environmental safety of disinfection equipment And other fields。-Exhaust gas treatment equipment environmental protection 2、Atmospheric pollution control equipment,Including industrial furnaces…

  • Q Use advanced spray-paint room maintenance-Dongguan dust-free spray paint room

    AnswerDongguan dust-free spray-paint room at the time of using only by maintaining good use for a long time,More comfortable。So superior dongguan dust-free spray paint room use maintenance? 1、The electrical system Regular inspection control electrical components of the screw in the box,If there are any loose should be tight,After startup…

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