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    Founded in anqing transformer co., LTD1969Years,Is a national fixed-point production of power transformer、The combination of complete sets of transformer substation、The steel pipe tower products such as medium professional manufacturers,The national electrical machinery manufacturing industry500Strong enterprises。Enterprise now post worker300More than,College degree or above personnel have nearly hundred people,The engineering and technical personnel24People,Intermediate above title9People,Senior engineer3People。

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    Over the years,Our company always adhere to the“Everything for the user”The management idea,To operate,To provide users with advanced technology、Good performance of products,In the changing market have achieved good results。Product sales region covering over 20 provinces、The city。Daya bay nuclear power station、Huabei oilfield、Beidaihe resort、Huangshan scenic spot、The three gorges project、Masteel construction project、Tongling nonferrous construction project、Anqing power plant、Anqing bridge、The Buddha 岒 hydropower station、Railway tunnel, etc

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    Enterprise attaches great importance to the construction of good faith,The good faith management in accordance with the law,Effectively guaranteed the enterprise healthy and steady development,Has won many awards:2003Years,Enterprise by China petrochemical evaluation for“China petrochemical material resources market member”、Named by China enterprise credit association“China's product quality assured customer satisfaction top ten good faith enterprise”;2005Years,The enterprise is evaluated“Anqing city labor and social security integrityAGrade enterprise”;

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