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  Hao circle was built in the building materials 2013 Years,Beijing hao technology development co., LTD as the sanhe hao round new building materials co., LTD. In Beijing sales company。The company is a collection research and development、Production、The sale in a body specialized new building materials production enterprises。The company has product development center、Application technology promotion center、New building materials production base。Is a member of the association of domestic building block。
  The company introduces international advanced block technology and equipment,Produce bearing block with the international advanced level、Bearing adornment block、Composite insulation block、The hydraulic block、Geotechnical block、Sound insulation block、Fire protection block、Landscape block, and a variety of color concrete brick, etc,Products are widely used bright buildings、The green energy-saving buildings、River and mine ecological recovery、Highway Bridges、Municipal retaining wall、Landscape and underground pipe network。The company is committed to the development philosophy of low carbon new building materials,Products with sand、Stone、Tailings、Such as cement as main raw materials,Does not destroy the natural environment、Free of sintering,Do the low carbon in the production process、Green、Environmental protection and energy saving。
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