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Maglev centrifugal blower
Based on the traditional blower the application of active magnetic suspension bearing technology and the permanent magnet...

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High-speed magnetic levitation motor

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By the company independent development of mechanical engineering...

       Foshan's nice maglev technology co., LTD(FG-AMB)Was established2012Years,In south China is the first professional manufacture of maglev centrifugal blower and magnetic levitation bearing related products research and development、Design、Production、Sales of china-south Korea joint venture high-tech enterprises。Plant area of twenty thousand square meters,Located in the pearl river delta economic hinterland-Shunde district, foshan city, guangdong province,The geographical position is superior,The transportation is convenient,With automatic numerical control machine tools、Five-axis linkage machining centers and other production equipment,Which can realize completely own manufacturing。
       FG-AMBThe core products:Active magnetic suspension bearing system、Maglev centrifugal blower、Magnetic levitationORCLow temperature waste heat generator、High-speed magnetic levitation motor、Magnetic levitation refrigeration compressor、Magnetic levitation electronic printing roller, etc,Products can be applied to metal processing、Turbine machinery、Energy conservation and environmental protection、Intelligent printing and all kinds of high speed chip、High precision、High temperature mechanical applications, etc。

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    Technology is introduced
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  • The good news!Foshan loch through intellectual property management system certification

    2018At the beginning,Foshan loch maglev technology co., LTD., officially launched《Enterprise intellectual property management specification》(GB/T 29490-2013)System, jitc work;The core development team from South Korea,Since the team members1992Out of active magnetic suspension bearing and related product development and manufacturing;

  • Achievements in the future|Foshan's nice2019China expo round trip

    Foshan loch maglev blower is a wide range of USES of green energy-saving products,Nice independent invention patent application of the lattice of active magnetic suspension bearing technology and magnetic bearings control technology,Comparing the traditional blower,Energy saving up to30%Or above;Mechanical life20Years of above。